How Much Is Healthcare On-board?

Medical fees on board a cruise can be very expensive. Depending on your condition, your medical bill can be in the thousands of dollars!

A simple consultation or treatment on the ship may be charged at private healthcare rates. This means that a visit with the ship’s doctor can cost you a pretty penny (and that’s not factoring the prescription of medication).

Am I covered by Medicare or by my private health cover on a cruise?

In many cases, no. Even when travelling on a domestic cruise in Australian waters, Medicare or your private health insurer may not cover you for your medical expenses.

When you purchase the Cruise Insurance Pack with Boomers, the policy provides cover from ship to shore and then some!

My Cruise will call on many ports. Will I be covered at every destination?

When purchasing your Cruise Pack, you will be asked to list the countries the ship is scheduled to visit. It is important to inform Boomers of every country you will visit as you may not be covered in those countries you have not told us about. (However stopovers in regions of less than 48 hours don't need to be specified.)

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