Bring an Umbrella

Making your way to the ship means you’ll likely be ferrying your suitcases to the passenger terminal (unless you’re taking a taxi right to the door). That means inclement weather might be in the picture. Play it safe by bringing an umbrella (or two!)

Shore Tours

Cruise lines will offer set tours at various ports for which you may be asked to pay extra. A cheaper option may be to go it on your own off the ship; but buyer beware – you’ll likely get a cheaper price for your tour, but you might also fall prey to a scam. Use your judgement.

Choose your ship wisely

Certain cruise lines cater to kids. Others to couples and yet others to seniors. Before booking, be sure to research your cruise line or ship. We recommend reading reviews on…

Research your cabin and your bed

Likewise you’ll want to research your cabin type, location and bed. For people over 6 feet tall, cruise ship beds can be on the short side. Cheaper cabins may also feature stiffer beds that are less forgiving on bad backs, so before committing to a lengthy voyage, it’s wise to read up on your accommodation. We would suggest checking out the following sites: