Living until age 90 and beyond was unheard of a few generations ago, never mind thriving at this age. However, that is exactly what many people over 90 are doing. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 4,250 of the country’s population has even reached triple digits. Some of the reasons for the increased longevity in Australia include:

  • Health advancements
  • Improved control of sewer systems
  • Better control of long-term and communicable diseases
  • Access to clean water
  • Better understanding of the impact of lifestyle choices
  • Safer prescription drugs

In even better news, the Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts that the number of people reaching the century mark will increase by nine times by the year 2050. With improved health in the ninth decade of life and more disposable income than they had earlier, people in this age group are prepared to go on holiday both here and abroad. Having a trip to look forward to allows the oldest of Australians to retain a positive outlook on life, a necessary ingredient for longevity.

Consider purchasing travel insurance and you can apply for cover for pre-existing medical conditions you may have.