There’s no doubt about it – 60 is the new 50! Travelling in your 60s affords you the freedom to explore the destinations you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you’ve already retired or are getting ready to put your working days behind you for good, feel excited rather than discouraged. Retirement doesn’t mean sitting around all day watching TV or baking scones. In fact, many Australian’s make the most of their free time by going after experiences they were too busy for in their working years.

5 Convincing Reasons You Should Travel the World in Your 60s

If you’re um-ing and ah-ing about taking the plunge and booking an overseas holiday, have a read of these five convincing reasons that travelling the world in your 60s is a fantastic idea.

1. You Have Free Time

Bringing up kids, working full time, and all the time-consuming tasks that come with adulthood are over. You now have ample free time to rest, relax, and discover the world with a new perspective.

2. You Have Fewer Responsibilities

Family and professional responsibilities can result in feeling stuck or trapped in one place. Now that you have been unshackled from most of these responsibilities, there is nothing holding you back.

3. You Are Fit and Healthy

As we mentioned earlier, your 60s really are the new 50s. With huge advances in the medical industry, 60-somethings are keeping healthier and fitter than ever.

4. You Are Financially Stable

With your working life over, you are probably in a financially stable position. You no longer rely on an annual salary to live. Financial stability should give you the freedom to spend your hard-earned money on travel.

5. You Deserve It

You’ve achieved a lot over the last forty years, and you’ve done a tremendous amount for other people. Now is the time to focus on yourself – you deserve it.

Top Destinations for Travellers in Their 60s

Not sure where you’d like to travel to? Have a read of our suggestions for some travel inspiration.

South-East Asia

Situated close to Australia, South-East Asia is a stunning part of the world. With everything from white, sandy beaches and thick rainforest jungles, to exotic culinary delights and awe-inspiring temples, South-East Asia is very diverse. Destinations include Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Singapore.


From the stunning architecture of Rome and Florence, to the moving ruins of Pompeii, Italy is steeped in history. Visitors are also delighted by the distinct cuisine, picturesque countryside, and breathtaking coastline.


Canada is home to some of the world’s most incredible natural wonders. If you’re someone who loves the outdoors, head to Whistler to ski, or to Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland to hike.

Key Considerations for Travelling Over 60

Travelling over 60 will create memories to last a lifetime. That being said, there are a few extra considerations we suggest you make prior to setting off.

Your Health

Before you book your holiday, be sure to consult your doctor and ask about any necessary vaccinations. Get a comprehensive check up, and follow any guidelines your doctor gives. Keep in mind that if you are concerned about your health, you may be better off booking a tour or group holiday.

Seniors Travel Insurance for the Over 60s

Consider purchasing travel insurance and you can apply for cover for pre-existing health you may have.


Different airlines have different policies when it comes to travelling with medication. Depending on the type and quantity of your medication, and the duration and destination of your trip, you may require a letter of explanation from your doctor.

Take care to follow this advice for travelling when you are over 60 and you will be one step closer to the adventure of a lifetime.