I have a pre-existing medical condition—can I get cover?

If you select ‘Yes’ to ‘Pre-existing medical condition’, our online pre-existing medical assessment will take you through the process. You can also check the definition of pre-existing medical condition in the PDS to see if you have a pre-existing medical condition. If you are still unsure, please contact us.


How do I make a claim?

You must give notice of your claim as soon as possible by completing a claim form and sending it to the address shown on the claim form. You can download a Claim Form here.  Or, if you would like to speak to someone, please call us.


What if I need emergency assistance?

As a Boomers Travel Insurance customer, Allianz Global Assistance* is only a telephone call away for emergency assistance anywhere in the world at any time. The team can help with medical problems, locating nearest medical facilities or embassies and consulates, your evacuation home, as well as keeping you in touch with your family and work in an emergency.

If you are hospitalised, you or a member of your travelling party MUST contact Allianz Global Assistance as soon as possible. If you do not, then we may not be able to pay for these expenses or for any evacuation or airfares that have not been approved or arranged by Allianz Global Assistance.

If you are not hospitalised but are being treated as an outpatient, and the total cost of this treatment will exceed $2,000, you MUST contact Allianz Global Assistance.

Please note that we are unable to pay for any hospital or medical costs which are incurred in Australia.

Allianz Global Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please have the following handy:

  • Your policy number
  • A contact number for where you are now / the name of your hotel or hospital
  • The nature of your problem
  • If you are ill or injured, you will need to provide details of medical consultations you have had.

If you are in one of the countries listed below, simply dial the number shown for that country:

Australia: 1800 662 522

Canada: 1800 214 5514

China (North): 10 800 6100434

China (South): 10 800 261 1323

France: 0800 905 823

Germany: 0800 182 7635

Greece: 00800 611 4107

Hong Kong: 800 900 389

India: 00080 0610 1108

Indonesia: 001 803 61 098

Italy: 800 787 451

Japan: 0066 3386 1052

Malaysia: 1800 81 5102

Netherlands: 0800 023 2683

New Zealand: 0800 778 103

Singapore: 800 6162 187

Spain: 900 996 115

Switzerland: 0800 561 361

Thailand: 001 8006 121 082

United Kingdom: 08000 289 270

United States: 1866 844 4085

For all other countries, dial reverse charge (“collect”) via the local operator on +61 7 3305 7499.

*Allianz Global Assistance is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of travel insurance and medical assistance. The Allianz Global Assistance Australian headquarters is located in Toowong, Queensland. The purpose-built Global Response Centre is an environment that operates 24 hours, 365 days a year, and is supported by sophisticated telecommunications and information technology systems. The Allianz Global Assistance team consists of in-house specialists including doctors, registered nurses, aero medical experts, mechanics, property experts, legal advisers, travel experts, support personnel, as well as access to multilingual staff and translation services.


Are my children or grandchildren covered

Yes, provided that your children or grandchildren are not in full time employment, are under the age of 25 and are accompanying you on the journey.

Can I buy a policy if I'm 80+

Yes, cover is available to travellers aged over 80 at the time of departure for comprehensive and domestic plans.
All travellers aged 75 years and over at the time of application will be required to undergo a pre-existing medical condition assessment before being provided with cover and we have the absolute right to accept or decline cover, charge an additional premium or impose special conditions such as an excess.


We are travelling to multiple destinations. How do I choose which destination for my quote?

Simply enter each Country that you are travelling to on your journey to ensure you are covered on your journey. Please remember to check the Smart Traveller website to ensure you are not travelling to an area where there is a “Do not travel" warning in place as cover may be affected under the policy should something go wrong and you are in or travelling to such an area.


I'm hiring a car when I travel interstate. How does Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess work?

A key benefit of a domestic Boomers policy is rental vehicle excess waiver. By purchasing a Boomers policy for domestic travel you can choose not to pay the daily excess waiver option offered by most car rental companies. Boomers offers a waiver up to $6,000. Depending upon how long you intend renting this could end up saving you big bucks.


Can I insure high value items?

You can add high value items to the policy within the purchase path and by paying the additional premium applicable. You can purchase increased item limit cover for the listed item type(s) and amount(s) we give you during the purchase path.


Can I apply to extend my policy while I'm away?

Yes you can, provided you do so before the policy expires, subject to the terms and conditions stated in the PDS.

To apply to extend the policy, you can do so by contacting us on 1800 780 577. Please note that we do not keep a record of your credit card or payment information so cannot extend the policy on your behalf. You must contact us by phone and do so prior to the policy expiring.

Where we have agreed to extend cover, we will issue you with a new Certificate of Insurance. The period of cover on your new Certificate cannot exceed a period of 12 months. An extension of cover is not available for pre-existing medical conditions accepted by us or for any condition you have suffered during the term of your original policy.


Can I cancel my policy????

Yes, just call us.

To obtain a full refund of the premium you have paid for the policy you must:

  • cancel the policy within the 14 day cooling off period after you are issued your Certificate of Insurance
  • not have commenced travel
  • not have made or be intending to make any claims under the policy
  • not be intending to use the policy in any way

You can cancel your policy at anytime outside the cooling off period, however there will be no refund on any part of the premium paid for the policy.