If you travel frequently, you may wish to consider seniors annual multi-trip insurance. A single premium that covers you for ever trip you take over a 12 month period. All you need to do is nominate your likely longest trip and destination and you’re covered for every trip domestically or unlimited internationally (if you choose ‘Worldwide’ as your destination). Please note however that the maximum duration per trip is 45 days.

Depending upon how often you travel, for business or leisure, a seniors annual multi-trip policy can be a great option to save money as well as save on the hassle of having to take out travel insurance each time you travel.

And the great news is that your dependants and even grandkids are covered free provided they are travelling with you.

Getting a multi trip quote

To get a seniors multi trip quote, simply enter a destination and duration for getting a single trip quote and the multi trip quote will also be displayed.