Boomers Travel Insurance Offers Extra Cover for Cruise Passengers

As Australians’ passion for cruising continues to grow, Boomers Travel Insurance has introduced a special seniors cruise insurance package designed to provide extra cover for holidaymakers at sea.

Available as an add-on to Boomers comprehensive travel policy, Boomers Cruise Pack provides even greater cover for a wide range of situations that can happen at sea, from the cancellation of pre-paid shore excursions due to illness through to the loss or damage of formal wear.

Also on offer is a special payment for travellers if their ship diverts from its scheduled course to assist in a marine rescue, as well as compensation for cabin confinement for cruisers who fall ill or suffer an injury during their holiday.

Available for domestic and international cruisers, Boomers Cruise Pack provides unlimited cover for the cost of medical services at sea as well as ship to shore evacuations.

The Cruise Pack is designed to help provide peace of mind to the growing number of over-50 travellers now enjoying holidays at sea. The product can also be purchased by travellers aged under 50 years, and is priced from $10 as an add-on to a standard Boomers Travel Insurance policy*.

The latest industry figures shows more than one million Australians took a cruise holiday last year. Its a big market that demands a unique travel insurance product. General travel insurance covers common travel mishaps such as lost baggage and theft, however our cruise package recognises that there are particular situations which only occur at sea, so require specific protection.

There is a big issue that many cruisers do not understand that Medicare is unavailable at sea, even on domestic ocean cruises. Whether you are sailing close to home or on distant waters, having travel insurance to support you in case you fall ill is very important. But Boomers Cruise Pack goes one further by providing an additional layer of cover for other situations which can occur on a cruise.

Key features of Boomers Travel Insurance Cruise Pack cover** include:

• A $500 a day payment for passengers who are confined to their cabin as a result of illness or injury during their journey

• A $100 a day payment for passengers whose ship is diverted to assist in a marine rescue

• Up to $1000 compensation to cover cancellation fees and lost deposits if a shore tour is cancelled due to illness or confinement.

• Up to $1000 for the theft, damage or loss of cruise formal wear.

*example is based on a 50 year old taking a 5 day cruise in Australian waters.
** see Product Disclosure Statement for terms and conditions, exclusions and limits that apply